Ozone (O3) is sometimes called "activated oxygen", basically an allotropic form of oxygen consisting of molecules containing three oxygen atoms. It can be act as a most powerful sterilant to destroy bacteria, viruses and odors if generated in controlled conditions. Ozone generators are machines that convert Oxygen (O2) in to Ozone (O3) by the use of high voltage electricity with the help of ozone generators manufactured by Eltech Engineers at state of art unit.

Ozone can be neither store nor transported because of unstable tendency to breakdown quickly as it’s a basically molecular detention process that must be carried out with ozone generators. Ozone is very powerful and it has very short life span. When it dispersed in a closed room or vicinity, oxidation process starts and then it perform its job and just disappears. Ozone must be generated at site only. Its life cycle comprises of Generation, Oxidation & Return to oxygen. Ozone can effectively neutralize or kills bacteria, fungus & germs by attracting itself to the contaminants breaking down the cell structure through oxidation and reverting back to oxygen. Ozone is used as a sterilant agent for bleaching, cleaning and oxidizing and has faint chlorine like odor. Ozone is not a stand-alone mold removal tool.

Eltech Engineers is a certified Indian Manufacturer of different types of Ozone Generators & Ozone Systems from 500 mg/hr to 5 kg/hr as per requirements of customers.